Gerbyte : The Present

Here are a few pages that I have written to help me out with things that I like and stuff.

My pages

My pages contain the following guides and stuff:

Fast Artificial Neural Networks (FANN) PrimerAn introduction to creating and using artificial neural networks using the amazing FANN libraries.
Simple 3D Graphics PrimerAn introduction to creating and using basic 3D graphics. You will be taught how to project 3D coordinates onto a 2D screen.
The Journey

(currently in beta
15 levels constructed)
A REALLY hard puzzle game. Not your ordinary puzzle game, but a game that needs a lot of thinking outside the box. If your mind works like mine, then you should have no trouble at all getting through the levels. If it doesn't work like mine, then you won't even get past level three.
Good luck! You'll need it!

And no cheating!!! :)
3D Wireframe Floppy DiskA wireframe 3D model of a 3.5 inch floppy disk.
Lockdown Puzzle 001A REALLY old puzzle that has never been solved! Tweet me the hidden message.

My blog

My blog that contains the following entries:

Dissecting WannaCryAn overview of how WannaCry affects your system
Gain the PIN to ANY bank cardAs it says on the tin
Two-Factor AuthenticationA quick article of why 2FA is good
Take Your Work Home After WorkMy first publication in 2600 magazine
My Voice Is My KeyMy second publication in 2600 magazine
We Will Rock YouMy third publication in 2600 magazine

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