Gerbyte : The Past

Here are a few games I created in Flash back in the day.

I loved writing in flash. It was just so easy and the things that could be done could be done so easy too!
The thing with Flash programming, in my opinion, was that you could write loads of dodgy stuff in there that did things "behind the scenes" ad other stuff.
It kind of made me wonder how secure it actually was (well, we found out about that a few years later).

Anyway peeps, have a look if you wish. It's all good fun! :O)

Flash Games

Dizzy Down The Pit
This was my first "real" game that I wrote in Flash. The main character is Dizzy, an egg who bounces around, picking up objects and using them to solve puzzles.
Some of you may recognise the character. That is because Dizzy first came to fame during the 80's and was invented by the fantastic Oliver Twins (my favourite games authors through childhood) who carried on to become legendary games programmers.

I was granted kind permission to use Dizzy in my game by the awesome Philip and Andrew Oliver, and forever grateful to them. :O)

Codename:JOE Operation:KNOTWEED
I found out that The Oliver Twins managed to code a game within one weekend. They did this with Fast Food.
As flash was/is so easy to get quick results, I decided that I would set myself the challenge and try and do the same.
This is the result of that one weekend.

This game was influenced by my mate as he had a problem with Japanese Knotweed growing close to where he used to live. Being a great mate, I didn't lift a hand at all to help him (he lived too far away, and I'm a lazy f**k, but instead wrote a game about him to ease his pain! :OD
Seriously though, Joe did like this game, despite not getting off the third level.

I don't think anybody got past the third level come to think of it!

The 12 Balls Puzzle
The 12 balls puzzle was influenced by a perplexing puzzle book that I once had. The idea is that you have 12 balls, all the same weight, but one has a different weight than the rest.
That ball is either heavier or lighter.

The aim of the game is to find out which ball it is, and to say whether it is heavier or lighter than the rest.

It might sound easy, but it isn't! Trust me, this is one puzzle that I found REALLY hard. That's why I love it so much!

And here are a few Android apps I wrote a few years ago...

Android Apps

Story Of Red Logo
Story of Red
Brilliant little physics puzzle game
Where Is My ...??? Logo
Where Is My...???
Ever found yourself looking for your car in a massive carpark, or tent at a festival? This app is your answer!
Shooting Watch Logo
Shooting Watch
Ten seconds to gain a high score. But can you make it to the leaderboard?
Buddy Locator Logo
Buddy Locator
Find your friend(s) in that busy, packed festival field.

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