Welcome to a long, perplexing, infuriating and fun journey.

The aim is to get from one screen to the next in any way possible, using the clues that you find on each level.

Some puzzles will be easy, some will be hard, and some will be downright frustrating! But keep at it and you will break through eventually (probably!) :P.

  • Hint #1: All answers will be in lowercase
  • Hint #2: Not everybody has the same knowledge - Google is your friend
  • Hint #3: Search EVERYWHERE! Examine the page source, the page elements, everything!
  • Hint #4: The whole scope of the puzzle lies within www.gerbyte.com/journey
  • Hint #5: Don't cheat! (if you can't get started, look at the spoilers here for the first two steps)

    Last of all, have fun! :) Enjoy!

    This is currently in beta, there are only a few levels but I am planning on creating more if you like it. Give me feedback by sending a tweet to gerbil. Or buy me a coffee below! :)
    Many thanks.

    Enjoy the challenge. :)

    Feedback would be great! Thank you! :) Buy me a coffeeBuy me a coffee