Gerbyte is slowly making a comeback...

Welcome to my site!

Let me introduce myself.

My name is gerbil and I am a computer programmer. Okay, gerbil isn't my real name, in case you are wondering, I just prefer it to my real name. That’s the truth! If you wanted to know my real name then can find it on this site somewhere, you just need to know where to look.

Anyway, enough about my name and more about my interests and what I do.

I like to make things. Things that are fun. Things that are electronic and programmable and movable and make sounds, lights, etc. You get the idea. A big fan of Arduino programming, 3D graphics, Lego, Artificial Intelligence and machine learning and such.

I like to make games, puzzles and all types of arty-farty types of things.

This website mostly consists of games and puzzles that I have made in the past as well as current tools that I use. Even though I like to make games and puzzles, I don’t really play them. I wouldn’t call myself a gamer.

I also like to break things. I’m very inquisitive so I have to know what things do and how they work. As a child I would pull my toys apart to see how they worked. Sometimes I would even be able to put them back together again!

As mentioned, I have interests in 3D graphics, Artificial Intelligence and machine learning. The 3D graphics interest is more into the techniques and maths behind construction rather than using a product to model them. The AI and the machine learning is also a big interest as this fascinates me, and the techniques both new and old interest me a lot.

I also have interest in human psychology, people’s behaviours and why they do this and that. It’s all amazing!

But music is definitely one of my greatest loves in life. Favourite band? Queen! I love Queen. Freddie Mercury is god and that’s all I’m saying. I do listen to other stuff, mainly classic rock.

Anything else you’d like to know about me then please ask, I won’t bite (hard).

Anyway, on with the show.

The Past

The Present

The Future

This section of the site contains any old games and puzzles that I have created in the past. Many are written in flash, so the safety conscious of you lot may now start to whinge and whine!

Seriously though, a lot of people have had fun with these so thought I’d add them to this site.

Hope you guys have fun too. :)

Stuff I am working on now. Well, not now, as we speak, but current hobbies.

Here you’ll find my blog (which I never really add to) and current tools that I sometimes refer to in my job.

Shh… it’s a secret..!

Seriously though, something very special will be added to this site in 2018, a work that is currently in progress!

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